Our Top 5 All-Time Favourite Films on Netflix for Kids Aged 3-10 Years

Here is our list of our Top 5 Favourite All-Time Kids Films on Netflix for some very special family time with those little people you care about the most.

As the world fights COVID-19 we realise that family time is more important than ever. But finding family home activities to do with your little ones can be difficult. So we wanted to come up with a quick and easy guide of our favourite animated kids films that you can enjoy with your children during the lockdown to save you scrolling through Netflix. Here is our list of our Top 5 Favourite All-Time Kids Films on Netflix for some very special family time with those little people you care about the most.

Read on to find out our top 5 picks for you and your family below!

Our Top 5: Choice No. 5

The Magic School Bus Rides Again, 2017

We love this reboot animated series of the original American show The Magic School Bus from the 1990s. It encourages curiosity and interest towards science and learning, especially valuable if your child is getting ready for or has just started school – Giving them all new found inspiration that a good animated film should. This is definitely one to start watching with your little one if they are aged 4 years +.

Our Top 5: Choice No. 4

The Little Prince, 2015

This exciting fantasy originally French adventure film is based on the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s literary masterpiece. It is your ticket back to childhood where everything is possible; An inspiring story that parents will enjoy filled with lessons for us adults on how not to lose ourselves in this grown-up world. A film we are sure to enjoy with the entire family. Best suited for ages 5+.

Our Top 5: Choice No. 3

My Neighbour Totoro, 1988

The movie has no villains, no fights or evil forces and it’s the kind of film that will never age even though it was made all the way in 1980s. It is a very cosy and comforting animated movie about friendship and magic, where spirits and humans are friends. Moreover, it is a visually enchanting animation wrapped into a concept of genuine kindness and acceptance. We love it for kids aged 3+. Even little ones will love the huge plushy Totoro and the other magical creatures in this beautifully-timeless Japanese film.

Our Top 5: Choice No. 2

Avatar: The Last Airbender, 2015

Avatar is a remarkable Nickelodeon show that adults and kids around the globe will love and admire! No matter that this remarkable animated series is already 15 years old. It tells the story of a boy who is able to bend the air thrown into war in order to save the world. If you want to experience this perfectly crafted masterpiece don’t waste your time and fin this beautifully-timeless animated film on Netflix now. We guarantee you’ll enjoy watching it with your kids. We recommend it for older children aged 7+.

Our Top 5: Choice No. 1

Klaus, 2019

No, this is NOT just a Christmas movie! And it has to be our favourite one so far! Our hearts were melted while watching this beautifully-created animated film about the story of Christmas. “A little act of kindness sparks another” type of a movie is all about compassion and generosity. We love it for ages 4+.

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