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Easy Kids Birthday Cake Recipes For Non-Bakers

Looking for simple cake recipes that you can easily tackle for your child's birthday while stuck at home during the lockdown? We have scavenged the internet to find some of the best top-rated birthday cake recipes we could find so you can create the perfect cake your child will love!

We must confess: we’re not into baking as it seems really intimidating and is scientifically proven to cause a headache. Haha:) Normally, we find it too much to handle willingly treating ourselves with a pure deliciousness performed by a pâtissier. If we had a cake occasion coming, we’d order it online or just pop in to the bakery or shop where the most challenging part is to choose a cake from dozens displayed.

The painful reality is the world is on quarantine and all our favourite shops and bakeries are closed for the nearest future. We have only supermarkets working during the lockdown leaving us with just “in-store made” options available. Doesn’t sound really exciting, does it?

What if you fancy something really special? Not to mention if you have your child’s birthday someday soon? Don’t despair! If you dare to get your hands into the flour, you’ll be rewarded with a happy face of you kid f. Below you’ll find carefully selected fun and easy baking recipes for non-bakers (like we are!). We searched through the Internet to save your time and now bringing the recipes which are quite simple to make and don’t require sophisticated ingredients.

Easy Birthday Cake Recipe No. 5

Easy Homemade Funfetti Cake

Photo by Sally’s Baking Addiction

When we say “Birthday Cake” we mean Funfetti Cake which is all about sweetness and delight. Get your taste buds ready!

See Recipe >

Easy Birthday Cake Recipe No. 4

Super-Easy Chocolate Cake Topped with Berries

Photo by Uliana Kopanytsia on Unsplash

If you have a thing for chocolate, click right below to find this super easy and quick recipe of a chocolate cake for the whole family to enjoy.

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Easy Birthday Cake Recipe No. 3

Birthday Crepe Cake


Crepes is the European version of pancakes but larger and thinner. Don’t be scared, they only look fancy but in fact are very easy to make. This cake is a super laid back option your kid would love!

See the Recipe >

Easy Birthday Cake Recipe No. 2

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

Photo by Life, Love and Sugar

Making your own ice-cream cake is a delicious adventure where you get this creamy, layered icy dessert with chocolate fudge in the end. Try this easy ice-cream cake recipe that will steal your heart and make your kids to leave no crumbs.

See the Recipe>

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